EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing

Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) is a specialist therapy that addresses personal issues around ingrained negative experiences at a deep level. 

These can take the form of negatively held beliefs, thoughts and feelings and can also be expressed through the way we feel in our body. At times the distress, appears as a 'flashback' or feelings of panic. These thoughts, beliefs and feelings often prevent us from moving forward in our life.

EMDR  is  primarily used when a person has had an adverse experience that has affected them deeply, and can sometimes involve trauma.  It may be an early experience they have not found a way to move on from, or a current experience which is affecting or distressing them.  This can be of a very personal nature and have existed for quite a while, or it can be one that is a more general issue such as being a witness to a distressing event, and so may be shorter term.

EMDR involves gaining access to these deeply held thoughts and feelings so they can be worked through.  Using a range of safe and supportive interventions, including resourcing and bi-lateral  stimulation, we connect to those parts of the brain and body that have yet to deal with the experience or have 'shut down'.  Using our innate ability heal and repair we can reprocess the experience, the beliefs, and the emotions, and thereby  re-balance our thoughts and feelings which have been stuck or blocked.

It is this unblocking and reprocessing that EMDR is extreamly helpful for.

EMDR is a specialist training and can also be used along side other types of therapy.   EMDR is recognised  by 'NICE' the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellance as a treatment of choice for PTSD.

I am an accredited and qualified EMDR Practitioner with many years experience. European Accredited practitioner