How therapy works

In the most straightforward way, therapy is about understanding more about what you think and feel, and then learning how to best manage those thoughts and feelings.


"Helping you make sense of the way you feel."
A helpful and effective therapy is essentially a joint endeavour between client and therapist, to understand why, and in what way, you are affected by particular life experiences. Working together, thinking through problems and dilemmas, and having someone skilled and impartial who can listen and offer alternative insights, can bring about a sense of relief or clarity. This can provide the potential for greater self awareness which may bring about change or understanding.

Therapy is a very personal experience, and finding a therapist who you feel you can communicate effectively with is an essential ingredient.
At The Therapy Practice we are able to offer a specialist approach by combining appropriate psychological, emotional and physiological elements into your suggested treatment plan. In this way the therapy provides the opportunity to more fully understand thoughts feelings and behaviour. In doing so you have the chance to evaluate your experiences, open up your thoughts or perceptions and adapt or change what no longer feels helpful, or, affects you in a negative way.

Therapy can offer:

  • Clarity, insight and understanding.
  • Relief from distress and anxiety.
  • Strategies to cope with life's challenges.

  • Increased personal success and contentment.

Working together, a trained, skilled, and experienced therapist can support you in thinking about what may be taking place in your life, and identifying why it may be happening. This can then help you to recognise, evaluate and adapt your circumstances so as to be more able to take care of your own well-being. The therapy supports you to develop your own resources for coping more effectively with the personal challenges you face.

Although it can feel hard to take the first step, therapy can offer the chance to overcome difficulties, and to lead a more satisfying and fulfilling life. To make an initial enquiry please call the practice on: 07415 321 583