The way that that we view ourselves, our own value and worth, and what we feel we deserve, all help to determine how we feel about life in general. A low sense of self esteem and lack of confidence can be factors in holding us back from achieving the things we want in life. People who have a minimal sense of their own worth, can struggle with a lack of energy or enthusiasm which can add to their feelings of frustration and low or depressed mood. This in turn can add to feelings of not being good enough or feeling you never achieve the things you want in life.

Therapy for Self Esteem and Confidence Issues
Therapy can help to explore the roots of your developing sense of self, and help to uncover the effects that earlier experiences may have had on your current situation. The therapy provides a supportive space where you can share thoughts and feelings in a confidential and empathetic environment. The therapist will assist you in strengthening your inner sense of self, as well as offering you strategies and encouragement to re-appraise your life in the present context. Therapy can help you explore self limiting beliefs, the aim of which is to gain a greater perspective in the way you think about and value yourself.

Benefits of Therapy for Self Esteem and Confidence may include:
  • Feeling more in control of your life and emotions.
  • Offering realistic possibilities for personal growth.
  • Provides the possibility for deeper satisfaction and fulfilment.
  • An opportunity to appraise your genuine capability.
  • Helping to build internal resilience.

Possible Issues
  • Lack of motivation or desire.
  • Repeated negative cycles of behaviour.
  • Inability to move forward in life.
  • Procrastination.
  • Feeling depressed or low mood.
  • Anger and envy.