Parenting issues

Being a parent, whether of young, or older children can be one of the most joyful experiences in life. It can also be a shock, and can stretch all your resources as you adjust to another person being so completely reliant on you for most, if not all of their needs. At times the demands of parenting can feel extreme and can lead to a wide range of emotions, not all of which feel easy to deal with. Having a child can give a new perspective on the world as well as a whole set of new or unexpected emotions to deal with either individually or as a couple. In addition tiredness, fatigue, stress, and the constant images of other parents appearing to cope can add to the sense of isolation and add a potentialfall in confidence or self esteem. It is a unique experience for each person and can at times be very demanding and difficult as well as extremely rewarding. Each parent has to find their own way of adjusting to, and facing the challenges.

Benefits of Therapy for Parenting
Whether you are a new parent or have considerable experience, therapy can provide a safe place to talk about and share the things that are not always easy to discuss or admit as a parent. It is a neutral space where thoughts, feelings and behaviour can be explored and where ideas for addressing any difficulties can be worked on. At times our parenting style is influenced by our own experiences of growing up. In examining our own perceptions we can see whether we are repeating unhelpful patterns, or possibly creating new ones. The therapist can help you work through the difficulties and support you in developing a style that is congruent and reflects your beliefs and values.

Benefits of Therapy for Parenting may include:
  • Gaining a greater sense of your abilities and strengths.
  • Reflecting on your own experiences of being parented.
  • Having the space and time to think and make considered decisions.
  • Gain support to face the challenges encountered.
  • Learn strategies to communicate more effectively.

Possible Issues
  • Feelings of being isolated, overwhelmed or stressed.
  • Irritability or frustration.
  • Guilt or anger, or a loss of sense of control.
  • Relationship difficulties.